Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Things Utah

On April 30, My Quilter Girl donated 40 especially made quilts to the studio audience of Good Things Utah. We instructed each member of the audience to "pass it on" and make a difference in someones life by honoring them with our quilt. We are pleased with the stories that came in and are anxiously awaiting the rest.

We are so proud to report that one of our quilts made it all the way to Iraq. The audience member gave it to her brother who is serving and told him to "pass it on" to a little girl of his choice.

Another touching story came from a lady who passed her quilt onto her own father, from her sisters and herself in honor of their mother, who had passed away earlier that year.

One audience member is a labor and delivery nurse and passed her quilt onto a new mother who had given birth to a special little baby with down syndrom.

A nurse from Idaho Falls received on of our quilts from an audience member who will never forget the love and attention she showed to her and her family after surviving a near fatal car accident.

Many stories came in from audience members who passed their quilts onto their mothers on Mother's Day. We couldn't be happier about honoring such an important person.


Amy said...

There was a little boy (10 years olf) in Farmington that "accidently" took his own life a few weeks after an audience member recieved her quilt. She didn't even know the mother, but sent it to her so she could be wrapped up in love at this tragic time. It meant so much to the mom and as an observer I thought it was a very touching thing to do. What a great thing you are doing. You made one very sad mother happy for a moment.